About Me


My Background

Having painted and drawn all my life I became a mature student at Glasgow School of Art and graduated with a BA in Fine Art.  I also qualified as a teacher and spent many years teaching Art in a Special School.

Now retired from teaching I can concentrate on painting.


My Inspirations

I paint in Oils, Acrylics and Gouache, sometimes mixing media.

It is important to get out and about, observing  through sketching .

Once a sketch is established in the sketch book it is adapted and used as elements and sources for the paintings.

I love working with layers of expressive and calligraphic brush strokes, transferring the energies of life surrounding us here on the shore line.

Natural or man made world makes no difference as long as it is enjoyable to create from it.

Sketches come from my surroundings, I never lose the importance of observation.


My Working Environment

Retirement has meant even more time given to painting and sketching.   

I sketch wherever I find inspiration but tend to do my painting in my studio.  My studio has been upgraded so I have now moved into it all year round.

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Graham McLachlan